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funky polyrythyms and loops

update-after a day i figured out most of the functions. i really like the samples and effects and filters (hp,lp,bp)are good. ...... nice sounds and graphics(dev has emailed with a copy of manual they are writing.communication great with them!) requests for update in future: audiocopy inter app audio ability to save a "scene" . this app lets you creat polyrythyms and also loops that are unique and helps you create loops that you would not have created otherwise. fun and usefull!!! just needs a few tweaks.there are plus and minus buttons for adding more loops so you can have many beats,synths,loops going at once.

No website

The app opens upside down even though the icon is right side up

No help, no text, no tutorial!

No web site. The developer didn't care enough to add any text, help, tutorial nor to have a web site so I don't care to waste time figuring their app out. Recycle bin.

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